In such a big industry, there could be many roles you may need ranging from support rep to financial to counter help - all with the same focus in mind: knowing your consumers.
legal 2
Law Firms & Legal Services
From industry-leading law firms, city and state agencies, to distinguished non-profit legal organizations and policy groups, we source legal talent on a daily basis.
Creative, Digital & Marketing
With Marketing careers at the forefront of today’s marketplace, it’s imperative for a company to enhance its brand and hire high quality creative professionals.
life science
Pharma & Life Science
Navitas life science services provides a stable, knowledgeable and productive workforce, giving our clients a unique advantage when managing scientific candidates.
When it's time to add non-clinical or clinical healthcare talent to your team, Navitas Partners can help you find the highly skilled, service-oriented staff you need to build loyal patient relationships.
Embracing new mindset, new products and new engineering and mechanical talent, we have the experience and global presence as a partner for the auto industry to empower today’s leaders.