Strategic Outsourcing

In an increasingly changing world, it’s easy to see why more and more companies are choosing the outsourcing route for their Information Technology (IT) support. Almost every industry is encountering global challenges and competition, new regulations and demands from customers and shareholders. Navitas Partners has the unique combination of vision, flexibility and proven experience in outsourcing, and will give you solid benefits in the areas vital for ongoing success:

  • Becoming more flexible and adaptive – Antiquated technology can lock you into yesterday’s business practices. Our global experience across technologies and all business sectors, empowers us to match your IT support to your ongoing business needs as they continue to evolve.
  • Transforming the business – Navitas Partners is pioneering Transformational Outsourcing for forward-thinking clients who know their strategies and new directions are fully supported by technology and helping keep costs down.
  • Quality of service – Service Level Agreement approach, with constant monitoring of Key Performance Indicators, will deliver precisely the quality you specify, supported by our unique ECE (Exceeding Customer Expectations) detailed and quantified approach to client satisfaction.
  • Access to new technology and new skills – Constant technology changes plus ongoing skills shortages are making it harder to keep in-house IT departments world-class. Navitas Partners delivers skilled candidates you need for quality IT staff.
  • E-Business enablement – The new world economy has realized the urgency to be Web-enabled. The process of digital enablement is more than just having a Web presence – it includes many more applications to transform an entire business.
  • Cost savings – Outsourcing your IT can produce ongoing cost savings of 10-30% and put you in direct control of your costs and investments.
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Author: Wood
Client: Lisa