Rapid Package Implementation

Organizations can avoid re-inventing the wheel on building applications, by leveraging existing packaged products on the market that are tested, readily available and rated as best-practice proven technology. Navitas has first-hand experience with these products and understanding of the business needs. Working with you every step of the way, we ensure that the packaged applications deliver cost effective, rapid technology benefits for your business.

Navitas Partners help determine if clients should build a custom application or buy a packaged solution – And then we get the job done. Our approach goes beyond the technology; we make sure the path followed is the one that will lead to successful corporate objectives. The benefits of Navitas Partners approach include:

  • Vendor neutrality – With a full understanding of your business drivers, objectives, and requirements, we deliver an objective recommendation as to which software and tools will achieve your goals. As an independent third party, our solution is guaranteed to be free of bias; Navitas receives no financial incentive from the sale of software products of our vendors.
  • Package Implementation Practice – Navitas Partners leverages the knowledge gained from past implementations. Consultants on your project team are knowledgeable about your environments and well experienced in other applications and languages.
  • Swiftness and Scalability – Our proven delivery model ensures seamless project management and provides a ready reserve of the right skill sets for your implementation and integration project.
Tag: Design
Author: Wood
Client: Lisa