Application Management and Development

You’re ready to develop a new application – it’s absolutely imperative the project is done right and within budget and time requirements. From advanced business intelligence platforms to Big Data and beyond, today’s innovation in the development of new software applications is key to gaining a competitive advantage. When your budget is tight but you need more resources to maintain your critical applications, Navitas Partners can help you get the right staff and keep your total cost of applications ownership low.

By leveraging our technical competencies and efficiencies of a proven delivery model of qualified staff within budget, Navitas Partners customers can deploy IT Solutions and resources to keep budgets in line, while improving customer satisfaction. For most new application development, Navitas uses a modular, component-based methodology. How do we do it? We focus on the things important to our clients:

  • On Time, On Budget – Cost overruns are common in software projects, that’s why Navitas offers a fixed-price, fixed-time approach with requirements and scope definition processes to keep the numbers in line and the timeline on target.
  • 24×7 Customer Assistance– Navitas customer service teams operate on a 24×7 basis and are the central point of contact for tracking problems and monitoring changes.
  • Flexibility – Our flexibility enables Navitas to be scope-independent and to seamlessly service projects that can be delivered from national services, offshore (e.g., large-scale production support, developments, and conversions) as well as those that need on site services (e.g., rapid application development).
  • Scalability – Start small and scale the model once it is perfected for your environment and culture. Navitas can ramp teams up — and down — quickly to respond to your application and business demands.
  • Diverse Teams: Navitas can supply top SME contractors to manage or implement the entire project and maintenance technicians to service the project after it has launched, as well as the technologists to ensure everything is running smooth.
  • Project Management and Quality – The quality of project management can be directly related to the initiative’s success – or failure. Our Project Management practices are based on key components such as communication, risk management, and leadership. We promote and ensure communication for a clear understanding of the business objectives and scope through the entire project team. Our Project Managers are PMI-certified and leaders empowered by Navitas to act in the best interest of the customer’s success.
  • Methodology– Not all development projects present the same situation, nor are they “one size fits all”. Navitas methodology evaluates each project individually to determine which approach is the most appropriate and efficient.
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