Our Partner, VMware, Inc. is an American cloud computing and virtualization technology company and was the first commercially successful company to virtualize the x86 architecture. Products such as VMware Future Ready Workforce, enables “anywhere organizations” to embrace a sustainable remote-work strategy via a secure, scalable and unified digital infrastructure. With a VMware solution companies have access to vital apps and data, deliver, manage, and secure endpoints and optimize the network edge to the distributed workforce—all via a secure, unified platform that enables exceptional user experiences. VMware streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to their customers and empower employees to do their best work.

Areas where we currently partner with VMWare:

  1. App Modernization: We modernize application development to accelerate digital innovation.
  2. Cloud: We enable you to build, run, manage, connect and protect all of your apps on any cloud.
  3. Networking: We connect and secure apps and data, regardless of where they run, from data center to cloud to edge infrastructure.
  4. Security: We leverage your infrastructure to protect apps and data from endpoint to cloud.
  5. Digital Workspace: We deliver a secure, consumer-like user experience on any device.
  6. Telco Cloud: Deliver any application, on any cloud, anywhere—from the core and the RAN to the edge and cloud


Here are several Case Studies we have performed over the course of our long-term partnership:

Case Study #1

Federal Credit Union Uses Cloud Technology To Build Leading Nationwide Mortgage Business. Navitas Partners deployment of resources assisted with this solution.

About FCU: Founded in 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression, the original mandate of FCU was to pool the savings of the town to ensure all citizens were well cared for. Over time, the mandate changed to include investment management and mortgage banking along with expanding into the rest of the country as its citizens moved on.

Looking to the Future: As Federal Credit Union looks to expand their mortgage business outside the tri-county region and accommodate more customers in a business that increasingly sees thinner profit margins, FCU looks to technology to ensure their brokers and customers get the best service available. That’s when they looked to VMware with FCU’s developers to build applications built on the Tanzu platform and using Blockchain technology to make a unique service unparalleled in the industry.

The Challenge: As more people left the region to other parts of the country, it became apparent that most of their customers actually lived outside of local area.  In fact, the only reason they use FCU is due to the positive comments given to them by some of the original members. Over time, the industry became more homogenized and fewer banks were able to compete with the large conglomerate banks.  As more people purchased houses or refinanced mortgages, they also desired to work with smaller more family-oriented banks.  FCU saw this as an opportunity to challenge the incumbents with new technology.

The Solution: FCU used VMware vSphere to manage its servers at HQ and at their 89 retail banks, but their current mortgage business hadn’t been updated in decades. Adding on to their already VMware solutions, FCU was able to modernize their applications to work in the cloud and become more agile to face the increasingly needs of their brokers and customers.  In addition, they leveraged blockchain concepts along with the new applications to realize real business benefits.

Case Study #2

National Auto Chain Leverages Cloud to realize stable inventory levels faster. Navitas Partners supplies resources to help them control their inventory levels and work on VMware solution.

About Our Auto Client: Founded in 1985, the mission of our client is to enable the wishes of shade tree mechanics and car enthusiasts in the South-Central region by providing high quality car parts and accessories at competitive prices. Their unique style of providing high class service along with quality parts is key to their success.

Looking to the Future: As the pandemic threw a wrench into the supply chain of all Industries, the auto industry has seen increased demand for shade tree mechanics.  Client saw a need for its franchise of auto parts stores to ensure inventory is normalized across each region to meet the dynamic needs of their customers.  To do this, our client used VMware’s Workspace One and vSphere to manage their franchise’s inventory databases as one, providing real-time detail around scheduling and demand of specific auto parts.  This ensured customers the same level of satisfaction knowing their parts would be there when needed.

The Challenge: In October 2019, our client announced a new service for customers that allowed vehicles with OBDII connections to connect a unit to their vehicle allowing to be notified of any codes.  The Client leveraging its deep database of parts to codes would automatically send the new part to the vehicle owner’s home or local mechanic.

The overwhelming success of the onboard service led our client to strategically pivot its technology strategy to accommodate its new demands.  Initially, they were looking for a 2023 implementation of its new technology strategy, but, the advent of the pandemic brought greater focus on ensuring parts are available in anticipation of demands.

The Solution: To do this, they needed a way to consolidate all of their data into a single database available in the cloud.  Once executed, their new technology services department leveraged this data to anticipate parts shortages before they happen and provide additional services to anticipate problems for the vehicles their customers own.

Case Study #3

Food/Restaurant Chain Embraces Cloud Technology to Ensure Pizza Businesses Succeed. Navitas Partners talent works on VMware Tanzu solution for the Pizzeria.

About Our Client: Founded in 1977 by a retired pizza restaurant owner, they became an association of individuals who worked with restaurants to build systems and provide periodic feedback to its members on ways to improve their business. Looking to provide his ideas for a fee, he built this business based on word of mouth.

Looking to the Future: Our client was looking for ways to enable pizza store owners with the right tools to ensure long term success. Over the years, the association has provided consultative services for pizza owners for ingredients, menu items, and pricing.  Although historically a manual process occurred quarterly, the association was looking for ways to provide more services at a cheaper price. Talented IT resources worked to build a cloud-based platform, VMWare Tanzu, that allows services for them to provide real-time services with cheaper monthly price to their customers.

The Challenge: The association membership has been in decline for 10 years.  During a recent review of their business, it became apparent that their systems technology was too old, their consultative process too manual, and the outcome too irrelevant for the price. To save the business, the owners needed to modernize and provide bleeding edge technology to advance their business for the next generation of restaurant owners.

The Solution: Working with leading POS vendor and utilizing VMware’s cloud systems, built a system that exported the daily sales to a centralized system in the cloud. They then went to work to provide daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually insights and data analytics into their sales, their menu, and external reviews.  This was bundled into various services provided to those members at varying prices.