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``Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.``

Lawrence Bossidy, Former COO of GE

Navitas believes that having a human factor, expertise, speed, agility and scale to outpace our competition. This comes down to a very simple solution – Excellence in People, working in unison, guided by the best SME’s in this business. With that said, let Navitas help you connect smarter.

Industries We Support

Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need a service
provider that goes where you are.

The way consumers interact with their insurance companies is different and companies are using this opportunity to create better customer experience.
Technology has transformed the world around us and is a powerful resource in the way people live, work and reimagine the business landscape.
acctg finance 2
We help organizations compete in an ever growing and high-regulated market by building an expert team of professionals and SMEs focused on finance solutions and services.
government 2
Public & Social Sector
Certified as MBE, WBE, SBE, and MWBE, our government team delivers contractors for Federal/State/Local clients with Top Secret/Sensitive Information clearance.

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We bring customized staffing solutions and the best of Navitas Partners to each and every client. Our global firm follows a holistic, personalized and unique consulting model. Our team consists of highly skilled, curated professionals with experience in their respective fields to understand your specific needs in staffing. Our recruitment team is led by senior account managers who develop personalized relationships with every client directly or through MSP programs. We operate across multiple industries and geographies as one integrated, multifunctional team; the vast network we have helps facilitate your internal growth for a department, project or solution.

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Reasons To Do Business with Us

Working with Navitas Partners means personalized support, speed, agility, expertise and the ability to scale through long-term partnerships. We take a holistic approach, inside and out, to develop the right team to facilitate every staffing need. These innovative strategies require forward-thinking, complete dedication, agile collaboration, and seamless execution. Partnering with us gives you the ability to rapidly bring experts or multi-disciplined teams into your business to facilitate excellence in people!

"Thank you for helping us staff our technology implementation projects. The engineers and techs that Navitas has provided have been a great fit with our teams. They have been more than qualified for the work, which allowed them to work largely independently. I’ve gotten plenty of feedback stating they act like the true professionals, are easy to work with, and picked up any nuances quickly. Navitas has helped us complete projects on time and within budget."

Cisco Gold Partner - Sr. Project Manager

"NYRA has been a client of Navitas Partners for 7 years now. They have helped NYRA with a several Technology projects helping our operations to perform more effectively and efficiently over the years. Navitas was instrumental in moving the racetrack’s infrastructure footprint and we have been very satisfied with their technical acumen as well as professionalism. We have also engaged Navitas in a few application development projects and are very pleased with their technical ability, project management skills and post production support.”

Regional Racing Association - VP, Chief Information Officer

"Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your partnership. The numbers speak for themselves and you are a top partner for Dell Canada. Your candidates are pre-vetted and come in with the right (required) skills which is a big benefit to partnering with Navitas – avoiding the churn of candidates. I know we can’t always agree on rates but my policy is find the right candidate first and then work on the numbers, and I appreciate your willingness to negotiate where appropriate. Hoping to continue our relationship in the future."

Global Technology Partner - Sr. Program Manager

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