Compliance & Regulation Services

Technology can be a powerful resource for reducing risk, streamlining the governance and reporting process in an efficient manner to better manage today’s regulatory challenges, augment limited staffing and reduce cyberthreats. Protecting consumer-related data is a top priority for many industries such as in banks and credit unions, financial, consumer retail, and healthcare.

Navitas Partners consultants can advise you from security applications to software and firewall securities, to help you build a cost-effective defense that helps you mitigate risk and regulate your compliance. We understand the risks involved when your business in comprised, which is why you can trust us in supplying talent inside of this space, including, but not limited to:

  • Compliance Specialist
  • Regulatory Compliance Specialist
  • Regulatory Analyst
  • Compliance Officer
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Business Regulatory Compliance Lead
  • Healthcare Compliance Specialist
  • Bank Regulatory Compliance Officer
  • Compliance Officer – Enterprise
  • Compliance Manager, Securities Compliance
  • Bank Regulatory Compliance Officer
  • Commodities and Global Markets Regulatory Compliance Manager
  • Global Ethics & Compliance Manager
  • Compliance Manager, Risk & Trading
  • Compliance Trade Surveillance Officer
  • Director, Bio Research Quality & Compliance