Information Technology Consulting

Navitas Partners provides full lifecycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering, and enterprise IT markets. We place the right people for the right projects and help you build a full-fledged IT team with an aggressive ramp up model. Our ultimate goal is to be your technology business partner – whether on the enterprise level, a single requisition order, or a one-person project, no service is too small. The goal for Navitas Partners is to listen carefully to your business needs and meet those needs with the best information technology consulting solution. We work with clients from all ranges of industries and on all levels to demonstrate the value we can deliver. Navitas Partners strives to develop a relationship built on trust and value that is mutually rewarding.

Information Technology Strategy – Where are you now…Where do you want to be…How will you get there…

Navitas Partners helps clients to develop a transformation roadmap towards their desired results. Our multidisciplinary and highly skilled Business Technology Consulting team works closely with clients to identify key strategic and management business issues and challenges. In most cases, transformation requires holistic alignment of the enterprise – encompassing process, technology, infrastructure, people, structure and management measurements.

Navitas Partners recruiting team helps their clients stay ahead of the curve and stay competitive delivering the best for the latest IT solutions and services. From entry level to C-suite roles, Navitas Partners has been supplying a multitude of Information Technology talent including, but not limited to:

  • Systems Integration Engineer
  • Systems Integration Coordinator
  • System Integration Analyst
  • Sr System, Integration & Test Engineer
  • Sr Member Engineering Staff
  • FMS Integration System Test Engineer
  • Biztalk Developer
  • Sr Systems Integration Developer
  • Systems Integration Lead
  • Sr Systems Integration Developer
  • Systems Integration Developer
  • System Integration & Test Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Direct Access Systems Integration Engineer
  • Virtualization Engineer
  • Engineer – Combat Systems Integration
  • Integration Data Center Tech
  • Senior Manual Mobile Test Engineer
  • QA Test Engineer
  • Remote Systems Administrator
  • Wireless Mac FW Engineer
  • Software Test Automation Engineer
  • Senior Software Quality Engineer
  • Network Analyst
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