Our Commitment

Navitas uses established methods, principles and proven management techniques in identifying our client’s IT needs. As a staff augmentation lead, our team will interview and qualify ever prospect to the applicable position description and ready them within a 24-hour period.

Our Culture

Navitas is well-versed in the State, Local & Federal government arena, and we have a large network of IT and Non-IT professionals with the required skillset and prior knowledge to maintain a consistent and rapid placement on resources.

  • IT Development & 24/7 Support
  • Infrastructure & Support
  • Professional Services
  • PMO & Business Office Support

Our Engagements

IT Staff Augmentation

We bridge the IT supply gap through an innovative, best-in-class recruiting engine, backed by a dedicated client-centric service focus.  Our services (T&M and SOW) models can help you quickly ramp up your team.

ERP/CRM Implementation & Upgrades

We have CRM & ERP implementation specialist ready for any sized project!  We are able to consult, implement, upgrade or enhance any software for our clients. This involves installing the software, moving your data over to the new system, configuring your users and processes, and training your users on the software.

Professional Services & Consulting

Our consultants offer advice and expertise to government entities to help them improve their business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy.

Data Center Co-Location & Disaster Recovery

We have partnerships with Data Centers across the country.  Our vendors are able to perform Disaster Recovery, which is the organizational planning to resume business operations following an unexpected event which may damage or destroy data, software and hardware systems. A thorough business impact assessment we determine what costs are associated with loss of critical systems and present them for evaluation.

Cloud Migration

We have countless professionals that help with Cloud migration for all sized companies or government entities.  We specialize in the process of moving digital assets — like data, workloads, IT resources, or applications — to cloud infrastructure. Cloud migration commonly refers to moving tools and data from old, legacy infrastructure or an on-premises data center to the cloud.

Non-IT Staff Augmentation

We allow you to scale your essential staff by reducing costs.  Our process allows you to place top talent for particular projects quicker than if they were to hire new, full-time employees.


We work with leading partners in the cyber space to perform penetration tests intended to exploit weaknesses in the architecture of your IT network and determine the degree to which a malicious attacker can gain unauthorized access to your assets. Our vulnerability scan is typically automated, while a penetration test is a manual test performed by a security professional.

Software License & Renewals

We are partners with Gold and Platinum vendors of Cisco, Dell, VMWare, ServiceNow, EMC, SmartNet and many others.  We are able to supply or renew any software that your department needs.

Outsourced Helpdesk & Support

We have years of experience moving our clients into the cloud. Complete Support for SMB, IT Staffing for Midmarket, Managed Services, Cybersecurity Services or any other area.  Our Help Desk Outsourcing service provides companies the ability to help their customers with troubleshooting problems or for facilitating solutions to the known problems. Businesses use the Outsourced IT Help Desk Support Services to provide 24*7 availability to customers.

Digital Transformation

Our professional service group helps with the Digital Transformation Strategy, which is a plan of action describing how a business must strategically reposition itself in the digital economy. We help innovate, change operating and business models and leverage emerging technology.

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  • A dedicated Navitas team understands the government RFP need, writes a compelling proposal and wins the award
  • We schedule kick-off meetings to get a better understanding of who you are, what types of skills are predominate and how we can perform better than the incumbents. We keep you in-the-know every step so of the process
  • Navitas identifies individuals that make a great match with your government entity. We select the best, fully qualified, pre-vetted candidates for you to review. Communication drives progress here, as we adapt based on your feedback
  • You meet and get to know the selected best-fit candidates on a 1-on-1 basis; weather that s through scheduled phone calls, zoom meetings or in-person interviews. Afterwards, we will talk about next steps, compliance checks and making an offer
  • Time to make that offer! Once it’s accepted and signed, we work with you to set your contractor’s start date. Paperwork starts rolling and we ramp up for a stellar onboarding experience
  • Navitas supports the contractor through ramp-up, meeting security and onboarding compliance requirements every step of the way