IT Systems Integration & Testing

Navitas Partners provides full lifecycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering, and enterprise IT markets. Our deep-domain knowledge and customer relationships enable the delivery for various complex projects, making your organization more efficient and your applications function as they should. Our services include:

  • System design, development, and testing
  • Technology and Platform integration
  • Technical documentation preparation

Overcoming complicated software integration challenges is something Navitas Partners consultants’ approach head-on, from the architecture design to delivery management, testing, and deployment. Recent industry and regulatory changes demand that companies have a robust, reliable and resilient IT infrastructure for efficiency, risk mitigation and future growth. Pinpointing and delivering seamlessly on customer needs is a requirement. When it comes to systems integration, Navitas has you covered.

Data Management & Governance Services In today’s era of data growth and digital transformation, the need for mature Data Management and Governance is critical to business growth and innovation. Business intelligence is not a new concept, but it is now more powerful for your organization to assess data faster and provide actionable insights that can quickly be implemented to your business. To see maximum returns, you must find the right tools and create the right strategies. Our team of Subject Matter Experts can help you with Data Management and Governance to Predictive Analytics and Compliance.

Compliance and Regulation ServicesTechnology can be a powerful resource for reducing risk, streamlining the regulatory and reporting process in an efficient manner to better manage today’s compliance challenges, augment limited staffing and reduce cyberthreats. Navitas Partners can assist organizations in adapting to a changing regulatory environment and developing risk management protocols. Experts can advise you with security applications to software and firewalls, and help you build a cost-effective defense so you can meet the demands of regulatory compliance.

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